The Serum Visions Podcast

Serum Visions: Episode 33 - Tie a Bow on 2021

January 13, 2022

Note: The intro and the podcast content don't quite align this week for various reasons, so if you're interested in hearing about Mentor, Dance of the Manse, or Tezzeret stay tuned for the next episode.


Serum Visions is a Magic: The Gathering podcast about iterative brewing. Each episode we work on a project -- a deck, strategy, or archetype that we think has room for exploration -- and brew to the fringes of competitive deck building. 


In this episode we ring in the new year by talking about the old. We’ll wax poetic on the state of brewing in Modern and how the past year of cards have impacted the format.



Arun's 3rd Place (Challenge) Grinding Breach -


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