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Serum Visions: Episode 26b - Goryo‘s Sandwich with GrilledCheese - Gitaxian Probe #2

September 21, 2021

In this supplemental episode of Serum Visions we welcome guest GrilledCheese to the broadcast to discuss the vengeance of Goryo, lament the loss of Seismic Assault, and discuss the complaetion of Urza’s Saga. The oil is within you now, prepare yourself. This is the Gitaxian Probe.



GrilledCheese's Asmoremrakiselbrand -

GrilledCheese's Sultai Ayula's -

GrilledCheese's Grixis Liquimetal Control -

GrilledCheese's Abzan Pox -

GrilledCheese's Heartbeat Storm -


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