The Serum Visions Podcast

Serum Visions: Episode 23 - Meta Churn Means Dusting off Old Cards

July 20, 2021

Serum Visions is a Magic: The Gathering podcast about iterative brewing. Each episode we work on a project -- a deck, strategy, or archetype that we think has room for exploration -- and brew to the fringes of competitive deck building. 

In this episode we’ll be taking a step back to examine the meta and rethink the way we build our decks and interact with our opponents. After that we’ll check back in with updates to the Mystic Forge deck known as SilverGaak. We’ll also sprinkle in a little bit of prison and other things along the way.



Brian's BroughtGaak -

Brian's W SilverGaak -

Zach's Original SilverGaak -

Zach's General's Moon Prison -

Zach's RG Assault Loam -

Saffron Olive's Tasha's Hideous Laughter Math -


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