The Serum Visions Podcast

Serum Visions: Episode 19 - Cheating Bombs Into Play

May 25, 2021

Serum Visions is a Magic: The Gathering podcast about iterative brewing. Each episode we work on a project -- a deck, strategy, or archetype that we think has room for exploration -- and brew to the fringes of competitive deck building. 


In this episode we speculate a bit more on the shape of Modern to come with another round of MH2 spoilers. After that everything old is new again when we look at ways to cheat big game ending bombs into play to win the game.



Brian's 4c Bring to Blightsteel -

Zach's Maximum Lukkadrive -

Zach's Velomachus Turns -

Shape Anew Shenanigans (Zach league on Youtube) -


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